We do not currently have any shared ownership homes in Milton Keynes, however we do have shared equity homes from developers such as:

  • Bellway
  • Charles Church
  • Persimmon
  • Redrow
  • Taylor Wimpey

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About the area

Milton Keynes is a new-town in Buckinghamshire in the south of England.

Built in the 1960s, Milton Keynes was developed from a number of small towns and local farmland. It was designed not to have a city centre, but instead a central business and shopping district.

Milton Keynes is renowned for being the town with the most roundabouts in England. It also has it's own cycle-path system called the Redway.

The banks of the river Ouse that flows through Milton Keynes have been protected as parkland, giving the town a lot of green space throughout the urban areas. As of 2006, Milton Keynes had 20 million trees spread through the city.

The Milton Keynes Bowl - just outside the centre is a world famous venue which hosts a wide variety of open-air events.

Milton Keynes also has it's own theatre, a public art gallery and a large literary community.

There are a number of good education opportunities throughout the city.